MISSION and vision

Gradalis provides Anthroposophically-informed, high-quality Professional Development and Teacher Training for Independent and Public Waldorf Schools, and experienced consulting services that support healthy, sustainable development for Schools within the Waldorf Movement.

Gradalis supports the gradual unfolding of skills and capacities of the teacher and lays a strong foundation for this type of Education to manifest fully and with integrity into the world as a force for renewal of education in both the public and private sector. Gradalis faculty members are experienced in Public and Independent Education inspired by Waldorf Principles and commit fully to guiding schools in the public Waldorf Movement. To this end, Gradalis dedicates its work and efforts to benefit future generations who will be able to freely and of themselves impart purpose and direction to their lives for the benefit of Humankind.


experienced leaders, educators, and innovators develop and oversee Gradalis trainings

Gradalis is an anthroposophically-based organization overseen by a Board of Stewards.  These five stewards are responsible for continuing development of Gradalis, its operations and programs.

Bonnie is a founding member of Gradalis and designed the Gradalis Teacher Training while at Touro University. The program was then moved to Rudolf Steiner College (RSC) where she directed the program as the RSC Hybrid Teacher Training. Before closure of RSC, the program graduated nearly 100 teacher candidates.

Thom, also a founding member of Gradalis, has been a lifelong Waldorf educator, teaching and administering from elementary school through college. He has taught at elementary and high school levels in public school and primarily Waldorf settings.  He is currently Pedagogical Director at Credo, a Public Waldorf High School in California.

Donna joined Gradalis in 2015 while teaching at RSC. She founded a Waldorf School in Hawaii and received her Waldorf training and M.Ed. at Antioch University. She was a class teacher for many years and a principal in the public Waldorf school movement, after receiving her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. Donna is currently Executive Director of Gradalis. She also provides School Support Services to schools in the Waldorf Movement.

A founding member of Gradalis, Prairie became involved in the Waldorf Movement in 1976. She has served as the Pedagogical Director of a new Public Waldorf School in Salt Lake City and has developed the Gradalis Curriculum Frameworks that provide standards and benchmarks for teaching in today’s independent and public schools inspired by Waldorf Principles.

Tim Long, MBA, spent his career in Healthcare Administration and hospital development both domestically and internationally. He provides financial insights for Gradalis and supports schools through strategic planning, Board Training, bond development and financial consulting.

Diversity Statement

When Steiner gave a lecture to a London audience in 1913, he opened it with the following words: “Allow me to greet you in the warmest way with the deep, inner feeling of unity that belongs to anthroposophy, and in which all people on earth can unite without distinction of race, colour or any such thing.”

Gradalis welcomes every human being in the search for spiritual and cultural freedom, equality in human rights, and fairness in economic life. 

We respect differences, embrace shared values, and acknowledge the injustices experienced by marginalized communities past and present.

We commit to working together to create a culture for positive development, where views are respected and good will is celebrated.

— Gradalis Faculty, November 6, 2021

Policies & Procedures