UWE & Mentorship

Understanding waldorf education program: Includes Teacher Mentorship to support schools inspired by waldorf principles

In response to the challenge of finding trained teachers, Gradalis has launched a new effort to support schools who wish to move teachers toward a better understanding of Waldorf education.  This mostly online hybrid model allows teachers to attend webinars on various topics through the year, as well as benefit from in person mentor visits to your campus and classrooms depending on the number of teachers in the program. It lays a good foundation for understanding Waldorf Principles and teaching approaches to enhance success in the classroom. It is not a formal Waldorf training, but supports teachers and schools in their striving to become “Schools inspired by Waldorf Principles.”

Year One program (UWE)
accredited by accet
sept. thru April

The Understanding Waldorf Education 8 month Program is designed for teachers who are active in Waldorf Classrooms and new to Waldorf Education Pre-Kinder through 8th grade. Includes mentoring for subject specialists: music, games, foreign language and handwork.

  • 16 recorded (asynchronous) talks on Core Principles & Foundational Understandings of Waldorf Education followed by live discussion periods (synchronous) to further explore the topics. It is possible for these discussions to be open to Waldorf trained faculty & Board members for no additional cost, to renew and unify the entire school & faculty in working together.
  • One grade level & subject teacher mentoring session per month (and more if needed as agreed upon with the mentor).  These are done virtually.  The mentor will offer resources, guide Main Lessons, classroom management,  and will address Curriculum Frameworks and power goals per grade (with insights on Common Core).
  • One to Two site visits per year depending on number of teachers in the program.  (In person or Virtual) These are offered at no additional cost to the school and can include a public lecture.
  • Conversations with administrators, as needed.
  • Two asynchronous arts classes per month.  Focused to drawing and watercolor painting. 
  • One asynchronous movement class per month.  Focused on activities based on grade-level needs. Teachers will explore concepts of sensory based learning in these films. 
  • All asynchronous classes Visual Arts & Movement include interactive Discussion Board conversations with instructors.
  • COST: $3400 PER YEAR. Years 1, 2, and 3 available starting in Sept. 2023. All UWE programs are accredited by ACCET.
  • DISCOUNTS offered to Gradalis Teacher Training for those who’ve attended UWE program.