Teaching as an Art

teaching as an art week
grade level preparation

In Person
cost: $650
includes exploring

Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

in north american schools & Classrooms
July 10 - 15, 2022 in Denver, Colorado

Begins Sunday at 4pm Mountain Time for registration. Pick up resource binders, name tag lanyards and meet & greet. Introduction to Diversity theme Sunday from 5-7:00 pm MT.

(Pedagogical section meeting from 2:30-3:30 Sunday for those interested in anthroposophically informed tasks of the world movement)

grade level preparation

Grade level specific preparation allows you to feel confident imparting developmentally appropriate curriculum to your students.

experienced instructors

All instructors are experienced in their subjects and within the classroom.


Each year colleagues gather from around the country for these teacher renewal courses. Create and build lasting connections.

grade level preparation and renewal courses

COST: $650 for in-person classes.
Class Teachers will experience the following elements of preparation for their Grade Level:
  • Year Overview–curriculum content and main lesson placement
  • Preparation of the Annual Block Plan–bring your school’s calendar for 2022-2023
  • Lesson Planning for the 4-fold lesson
  • Integrating Diverse Children’s Literature and Storytelling to meet the children in your class
  • Forming your class and introductory activities to start the year
  • Child Development for this age children & how to meet them in the appropriate way
  • Classroom Management
  • Age appropriate movement, games & circle activities that keep students engaged and challenged
  • Speechwork & poetry, verses for your grade level
  • Science at your grade level
  • Singing & instruments appropriate for the grade level– and enrichment activities to engage your students in learning)
  • Skills (math & literacy) expectations for your grade level–Introduction of the Gradalis Curriculum Frameworks.
  • Drawing & watercolor painting at your grade level
  • Suggested Field Trips to enhance learning and build the community in your classroom
  • The Class Play–ideas and grade level appropriate approaches
  • Games & Movement for children at your grade level
  • The soul mood required by the teacher as “loving authority” in the classroom appropriate for this grade level
  • What lies behind the curriculum at this grade level–why do we teach what we teach this year
  • Introduction to each Main Lesson Block of the year with Content (Instructors model lessons, story-telling, poems, music)
  • Diversity Exploration at each grade level

Tentative schedules

view the tentative schedules for each grade level below: