Andrea Pronto

Andrea Pronto was born and raised in Germany and has been a music teacher in the WaldorfSchool Movement in North America for over 30 years in both a private and public Waldorf

She received a Diploma in Special Education in Germany, including training in Camphill
(England, Ireland, Holland) and a Diploma from the Independent Music School. She completed
Singing Training from the School of Uncovering the Voice and received a Diploma in
Therapeutic Singing from the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

Andrea has taught at several Waldorf Teacher Training Centers and conducted workshops
across North America since 1986, as well as guest taught in Japan.

She is passionate about bringing music to children in Grade 1 through 8 and likes to share her
repertoire of songs and musical activities with class teachers.

Influenced especially by her teacher Dr. Julius Knierim, she continues to inspire Kindergarten
Teachers to sing and play Kinderharp in the Mood of the Fifth.

Currently she teaches at Live Oak Waldorf School in Northern California.
Her hobbies besides playing the lyre and singing, are traveling, camping, hiking, swimming, kayaking and gardening.