If you are new to teaching, you may be wondering about the position of the class parent. How do you choose one? What do they do?  What do they not do?  You’ll need to have the answer to these questions when you speak to the parents at your first parent evening.

How is the class parent chosen?

The class parent is essentially an executive assistant for the teacher regarding things like field trips, getting the classroom ready, and having special events. Some teachers speak about he position during the 1st class meeting and pick the first person that volunteers.  Others advise to wait until you get to know the parents a little and pick one a couple months into the school year.  Some experienced teachers say that doing home visits is a great opportunity to get to know parents and that it can really help you pick a class parents.  Whether someone volunteers or you ask them to do it, make sure that it is your choice.  Once in a while a parent may think it is a position of power and treat it as such, which is no fun for anyone! A teacher may way a calls parent who:

  • is comfortable being with kids
  • is very organized
  • likes to be helpful (doesn’t find it to be a burden)
  • is easy to get along with and doesn’t nit pick others
  • has the time to help
  • has a great sense of humor

What does the class parent do?

  • organizes the logistics of field trips like:
    • arranging a parent to do the shopping for food or setting up a menu.
    • signs up and coordinates volunteers to chaperone or purchase trip supplies
  • arranges other parents and help with beautifying classroom like:
    • getting the curtains ready (washing, ironing)
  • help with the logistics of parent evenings, set up and snacks
  • arranging procurement of items
  • collecting receipts from parents
  • foreman at the event

What a class parent doesn’t do:

  • Pick the field trips
  • choose how many parent chaperones are needed
  • choose the special events
  • make policies
  • send out letters to whole class that haven’t been reviewed by the teacher
  • make classroom decisions
  • show up to classes everyday
  • run person errands for the teacher

How long is a class parent in this position?

Is up to you!  It is common for the class parent to change every year in the younger grades when parents are very enthusiastic.  Some teachers work well with a parent and keep them for years!  Remember, you are the cruise director and you need to do what is best for you and the students!