Teacher Training

Gradalis Certification Program

26-Month Certification Program designed for the working teacher. includes teaching as an art week each summer.

Complete your Teaching Certification over 3 summers and two school years within 26 months

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the next training will begin this summer,
with orientation for new teacher-candidates june 22, 2023 - July 14, 2023 in denver, colorado

Location: 4725 Miller Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80032

“The training provides relevant and applicable perspectives, strategies, and materials that I can take directly into my classroom.  I always feel inspired and refreshed after attending a Practicuum weekend.  Thank you to Gradalis Stewards and Faculty for your availability and willingness to inspire.” — Teacher Candidate 2019

Artwork from Chris Mullally,
Gradalis 2019 Graduate

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Areas of concentration:

        • Early Childhood Education
        • Elementary Grades 1 – 8
        • Educational Leadership*
        • Remedial Education

We also offer School Support Services and work directly with School Boards Faculty and Administrators.

*School leadership is able to simultaneously earn their Certificate while also receiving mentorship from highly qualified educational leaders and administrators in public and independent schools inspired by Waldorf principles.

Training includes:

training provides active support for the working teacher
  • Main Lesson and Block Planning support, from experienced educators via monthly webinars
  • Grade Level specific support to foster confidence in teachers as they approach their classes with developmentally appropriate materials
  • Speech and Musical Arts practice and material that is developmentally appropriate for the teacher’s concentration area (ECE, Grades, Remedial)
  • Visual Arts support and material creation that is developmentally appropriate for the teacher’s concentration area (ECE, Grades, Remedial)
  • Field Mentoring provided twice an academic year from an experienced Gradalis Educator to offer relevant and applicable support and guidance to the teacher-candidate

training length

26 months, 2 academic years and 3 summers intensives.
enrollment is open to begin for this coming summer.

This includes:

  • 2 Day Orientation to welcome newly enrolled teacher-candidates
  • 3 Summer Intensives (three weeks each)
  • 1 Practicum Weekend each fall and spring semester
  • 8 Grade Level Webinars per school year
  • 2 Philosophical Webinars each fall and spring semester
  • 1 Pedagogical Webinar each fall and spring semester
  • 1 Field Mentor Visit to your classroom each fall and spring semester

A total of 26 months of instruction and teacher training coursework.  Over 90% is in-person instruction from experienced and dedicated Gradalis faculty and instructors. Designed for teachers working in schools inspired by Waldorf education. Online webinars occur during the school year to support main lesson and Early Childhood preparations. Included is ongoing support for the Philosophical Foundations and Student Study courses.

nationally ACCREDITED training

Nationally accredited anthroposophically based training

Gradalis Professional Development Training is a nationally accredited institution.  Gradalis Training Programs qualify across state lines for required hours to maintain teaching certifications.  The Accreditation Council of Continuing Education & Trainings (“ACCET”) has been officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a “reliable authority” specific to the quality of education and professional development provided by institutions it accredits since 1978. 

enroll today to begin training this summer

the next training will begin this summer

in Denver, Colorado