1st Parent Evening of the Year

Teaching teachers - Gradalis Waldorf Teacher TrainingAs the beginning of the school year comes closer, many teachers are wondering about the 1st parent evening of the year and what they should cover. If you are new to the class, these things matter even more! Many experienced teachers recommend:

  • Class Parent – pick someone you can work with! Click HERE to read more about class parents)
  • Policies or your stance on the following –
    • Student’s dress code
    • tardies and how they affect the class
    • toys at school
    • lunch and snack food, what is appropriate and what isn’t
    • your policy on students trading food (find out if there are any serious allergies)
    • appropriate foot wear (PE teachers beg us not to send them in flip flops!)
  • Upcoming field trip and how many parent helpers you wills need (or not)
  • Development of the children that year and what to expect
  • When parents may visit the classroom (some teachers like to have the 1st month without parents in order to form the class.)
  • Do an activity with the parents that you have been doing with the students, like a form drawing, clay, string finger game or song.

Whether you use these suggestions or not, make sure you consider what topics will best support the relationship between you and your parents!  If you want to read more about forming your class click HERE.