Tim Long, M.B.A

Tim Long earned an MBA in Hospital Administration from the University of Colorado Medical Center and currently serves as Treasurer on the North Metro Fire Rescue District’s Board of Directors having previously served on the Northglenn (Colorado) Urban Renewal Authority as Commissioner.  As well, Long has served on many Boards of Directors while spending most of his professional career working in and around hospitals, physicians and healthcare administration, strategic planning and development – both in the Denver metro area as well as internationally.  While healthcare development projects continue, he lent a hand to Mountain Phoenix Community School in obtaining its Bond financing which enabled it to procure land and buildings plus acquisition and construction of more  classrooms and a middle school on the School’s property.  Tim and his wife Donna have six children and two granddaughters.  In varying pursuits, the entire family carries a passion for the great outdoors from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean.