Prairie Adams

Prairie Adams has been involved in Waldorf Education since her daughter entered the kindergarten class when the Santa Cruz Waldorf School in California opened its doors in 1976. Her involvement as a parent in various Waldorf schools continued as her family moved from Santa Cruz to Sacramento, then Auburn, and finally Boulder, Colorado. During this time she also worked with Rene Querido as the secretary at Rudolf Steiner College. in 1985 after moving to a community in the foothills of Northern Colorado, she began her studies in Eurythmy which culminated in a diploma from Eurythmy Spring Valley in 1993. From that time forward she taught kindergarten to adults and children K-8. In 1999 she took a first grade at the Denver Waldorf School where she remained as a class teacher for nine years and another year as the delegate and conference coordinator. Following this, she spent a year in Norway where she continued her studies in Eurythmy and received her BA from Den Nørske Eurytmihøyskule in 2012. She returned home to work as a Field Mentor Supervisor for the Hybrid Program at Rudolf Steiner College. Presently she is a founding member of Gradalis and the Pedagogical Director of a new Public Waldorf School in Salt Lake City, Utah.