Lee Sturgeon Day

Lee Sturgeon Day was born in England in 1941 and educated in England, Italy and France.  She was personal assistant to Sir John Betjeman (Britain’s Poet Laureate) for 3 years.  Other activities have included: traveling, writing food guides, managing a London Coffee House, therapy and social work, farming, and flame throwing in a circus. Her book A Slice of Life describes the healing path of anthroposophic medicine.  Several workbooks and children’s stories are also available on her website—Lifeways for Healing Education.

Lee was co-founder of The Center for Social Development in England, and Lifeways for Healing Education in Detroit.  She has led biography workshops in Europe and North America since 1975, and offers these and other workshops for adults and retreats for schools and other communities. She teaches in several Waldorf Teacher Training programs. (She was a Waldorf parent for 13 years).

Some Themes: Personal Biography/Life Cycles, Nurturing Relationships, Using Our Imagination, Finding Balance in Daily Life, Double Trouble, Movement (Form) Drawing as a Path of Development.