Christiana Quick-Cleveland

Christiana started teaching music while she was still in elementary school, teaching her friends what she learned in her piano lessons. Now, 50 years later, teaching continues to be a passion. In those intervening years, she taught in classrooms starting as young as 2nd grade and all the way to high school level.
She graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in music, specializing in Vocal Performance. While singing has been the central thread in all of her work, it has taken her in myriad directions – not only as a music educator, but also as a performing artist, director, producer, composer, and arranger. All of these skills served her well as a music specialty teacher in the Waldorf classroom, however eventually her focus shifted to adult education, curriculum development, and teacher support in her role as the Music Coordinator for Rudolf Steiner College.
Her classes have always been noted for her enthusiastic, high energy style and for her capacity to inspire people of all ages to discover their unique capacity for song. She presently focuses her work through her own business called Tiana Music Enterprises,, where she continues to provide possibilities for people seeking transformation through the musical arts.