Bonnie River, M.Ed.

Bonnie River, Ed. D. Candidate. Bonnie began her journey in education in 1971 when she completed teacher training at San Jose State University. During this time she joined an Anthroposophical study group in Santa Cruz, CA, and made the decision to devote herself to a life in Waldorf Education. In the ensuing 40+ years, Bonnie has served on faculty and in founding positions in 5 Independent Waldorf Schools and 2 Public Waldorf Schools.  She served teaching in Kindergarten 15 years, grades 1-8, one cycle and other grades picked up along the way. She also taught high school anatomy and physiology as well as senior seminar.

Bonnie completed the Remedial Education Training called ‘The Extra Lesson’ with Audrey McAllen at Rudolf Steiner College and the Chirophonetics Training with Alfred, Gunde Bauer and Bruno Callegaro in the United States and Austria. Bonnie has extensive knowledge in combining the work of the doctor, the therapist and the teacher.  Her focus to the specific needs of individual children guides her teacher training contributions. Bonnie is also known for the Independent Waldorf Schools rubric-based assessment of Waldorf Students and is currently reworking the rubrics she published more than 10 years ago.