Nicholas ANDREA

Nicholas Andrea

Nicholas Andrea
Philosophy & Instrumental Music

Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea is an experienced Waldorf teacher, teacher trainer, and bard! He has worked in education for over fifteen years, the majority of that being in Waldorf schools where he has worked as a class teacher, music teacher, aftercare coordinator, and grades chair. A multi-instrumentalist, poet, and playwright, his favorite time of the year is the class play, where he draws together the bardic traditions of storytelling, singing, speechwork, and acting to create rich expressions of theatre. Nicholas joined the Gradalis faculty in 2022 to teach instrumental music. In addition to his teaching credentials, Nicholas has a master’s degree in clinical social work with which he creates a welcoming, safe, and close-knit class culture for all the students. 

Nicholas’s many hobbies include a love for world travel and culture. He has worked as a volunteer teacher in Ghana, studied environmental ethics in Costa Rica, and played music professionally in Scotland, among others. He loves to bring stories from his adventures to students. Nicholas also loves spending time in nature and cooking, and he has had a lifelong fascination with aviation. 

A longtime practitioner of meditation, Nicholas’s passion is to help students and colleagues explore the deeper dimensions of life and what it means to be human. This pursuit of life’s meaning underlies all that he does. Nicholas believes world culture is in need of new imaginations for a shared future and that Waldorf Education is a powerful means to bring that forth.